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Apptix SharePoint Frequently Asked Questions

How do Apptix partners make money?

It depends on the level of partnership you participate in.  Resellers generate new revenue by offering Apptix SharePoint solutions at the price point that makes sense for their market. Referral Partners receive a one-time commission for each newly enrolled customer based on two months of billing – so if your referrals become customers, you profit.

How is pricing handled?

Resellers are able to choose the pricing model, with either full control of margins and markup or commission from MSRP-based pricing. Referred customers are subject to standard Apptix pricing.

What about billing?

Resellers own the customer relationship, and may choose to bill the customer themselves for the SharePoint solution provided by Apptix, particularly in the case that the Reseller is providing white-labeled service. However, the Reseller have the flexibility to have Apptix bill the customer directly.

How is Customer Support affected?

As the primary interface with their customers, Resellers maintain first-line customer support. However, Apptix SharePoint experts are always available if issues need to be escalated, and Resellers’ customers are covered by the same 100% uptime SLA as any other Apptix customer.

How do I become an Apptix SharePoint Partner?

Contact us for more information about partnership opportunities.