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Are you just beginning to explore the ways that Microsoft SharePoint can work for you? Are your business needs relatively simple?  Or does your complex organization need to utilize the full capacity of this flexible platform though add-ons and customizations?

Apptix offers a cloud-based SharePoint solution to fulfill your requirements regardless of where you fall on the spectrum of needs. SharePoint offers a better way to manage documents, with permission-based access and version control. It is a single platform for sharing data across offices in different locations to facilitate team collaboration. SharePoint makes it easy to manage proposal data, from past performance and pricing information, to the resumes and contact information of your resources. Dedicated SharePoint solutions make it possible to automate forms and business processes, and to monitor your business progress through electronic reporting and dashboards. Website content is easily managed, while compliance requirements, from ISO to SOX and HIPAA, are easily accommodated.

Which cloud-based SharePoint implementation is right for you?