Apptix SharePoint Add-On Services

Add extra functionality for more power

Maximize the benefits that cloud-based SharePoint brings to your organization with add-on services that extend the capabilities of your solution increasing your collaboration and productivity.

Add-ons include:

  • Web Parts

    Two distinct packages of Web Parts are available to help you with customizing your SharePoint site.
    1. The Site Builder Pack includes web parts that enable site templates, list searching, browsing support, data viewing, clock & weather functionality, interactive calendar, virtual maps, polls, and menu builders.
    2. The Team Collaboration Pack comprises web parts that display data for team use, such as list roll-up for library lists, data summaries, team calendars, alerts, look up column validation, KPIs, and rich text formatting.
  • SSL Encryption

    SharePoint SSL certificates provide another layer of data security.
  • Personalized URLs

    For companies using the SharePoint platform to create websites, a personalized URL offers a professional internet appearance.
  • Active Directory Integration (Available for Dedicated packages only)

    Available for all three Dedicated SharePoint packages, Active Directory Integration authenticates and authorizes users in the customer’s network to access the Dedicated SharePoint installation without a separate User ID or Password.
  • AD Sync (Available for Hosted packages only)

    Hosted SharePoint customers can use this tool to automatically create, modify, or delete accounts and passwords.