Apptix SharePoint White Papers

Apptix has assembled whitepapers and executive briefs to help you understand the benefits of Cloud-based Microsoft SharePoint services.

Combating Hostaphobia - Cure your Fear of a Cloud-Based Environment
Learn how hosted services enable companies of all sizes to outsource their IT needs allowing you to spend less money and time worrying about technology. This paper provides insight into the top 5 causes of hostaphobia and detailed treatment options related to the fear of: loss of control, performance degradation, job insecurity, vendor overload, and expense.
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How Hosted SharePoint Saves Your Company
Hosted Microsoft SharePoint from Apptix is an affordable, enterprise-class collaboration and content management platform that allows employees, partners, and customers to easily access and exchange vital information securely. It enables collaboration, streamlines internal processes, and automates workflows – with the cost efficiency of a cloud-based solution.
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Top 5 Benefits of Hosted SharePoint: Enterprise-Class Collaboration
Hosted SharePoint Services from Apptix make collaboration easy with a flexible, customizable platform that enables document sharing, workflows, discussion forums, and more. Utilizing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, it is a dynamic, powerful solution to empower teams to work together.
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IT is Moving to the Cloud. Are you Ready? – A White Paper from Structure Research

Businesses of all sizes in all industries are starting to look seriously at the Cloud for IT solutions. It is not just about saving money. It is also about efficiency, optimization, quality, and expanded options. Understanding the benefits and advantages of Cloud-based business services will help you to be ready as IT increasingly moves to the Cloud.

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