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Apptix Sharepoint

Business Critical SharePoint

Apptix Cloud-based SharePoint solutions can be integrated with business-critical line of business (LOB) systems. Business Critical SharePoint (BCSP) allows various systems to share vital business data to improve business processes. Many of the business systems and applications that are used to make structured decisions contain their own silo of information, putting a burden on IT departments who are tasked with retrieving and sharing the information in one system with users who need it. Integrating your existing critical LOB systems with an Apptix Cloud-based SharePoint solution can both enhance the value of the system and increase company productivity by:

  • Combining previously segregated business data
  • Allowing users direct access to vital information
  • Streamlining business practices
  • Increasing visibility across teams
  • Driving higher return on investment

Microsoft® Approved

Apptix is the first hosted service provider selected by Microsoft to join their Business-Critical SharePoint partner program. The program is aimed at identifying and differentiating software solutions and offerings that help customers maximize the value of their SharePoint deployments. BSCP represents a significant step in elevating the standards for SharePoint-based solutions, and Apptix is proud to be recognized as a leading provider of these advanced Cloud-based services.