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Making it easier to meet regulatory requirements

Apptix Sharepoint

Apptix SharePoint Compliance and Auditing

Every day, you face growing challenges to meet government or industry requirements for secure management of corporate data as well as providing audit trails for litigation purposes. Apptix cloud-based SharePoint Compliance & Auditing solutions align with company policies, industry standards, and even government regulations for managing documentation, applying retention schedules, keeping track of records, and placing legal holds on information. Decreases your business risks, react more effectively in the face of legal issues, and avoid the consequences of non-compliance with Apptix SharePoint solutions.

Using SharePoint to address Compliance & Auditing enables you to:

  • Deal efficiently with all types of content: traditional records, web content, or even social content
  • Tag and classify information for easy accessibility in case of audit or eDiscovery
  • Store information appropriately – on a set retention schedule, or indefinitely

Key Benefits

  • Interoperability standards including CMIS, XML, and REST allow you to connect to legacy ECM systems, so you get more value from current investments
  • A single platform to manage documents, records, Web content, and rich media, which reduces your IT costs
  • Provides detailed audit reporting across repositories, down to the individual file level

SharePoint Add Ons

Maximize SharePoint with add on services, including Web Parts, Active Directory Integration, AD Sync, SSL Encryption, and Personalized URLS,  that enhance your collaboration and productivity solution.