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Apptix Sharepoint

Apptix SharePoint Dashboard

Overwhelmed by information and data spread across many devices and databases? Apptix SharePoint solutions help you work more efficiently by giving you everything you need in one place. The Dashboard functionality from SharePoint 2010 Composites pulls KPI scorecards, report views, filters, and other types of data even from external sources, so you can work with it in a browser or in Microsoft Office applications.

With Dashboards, you can:

  • Search, read, create, update, and delete data using Business Connectivity Services
  • Easily surface enterprise data sources without code, based on .NET assemblies, Web services, or Microsoft SQL Server Through external content types
  • View results easily in editable displays

Key Benefits

  • Unlocks the value of your company’s data
  • Streamlines your work processes by pulling all of the information into one place
  • Enables reports for information, scorecards to measure against goals, and performance tracking metrics (including Key Performance Indicators)

SharePoint Add Ons

Maximize SharePoint with add on services, including Web Parts, Active Directory Integration, AD Sync, SSL Encryption, and Personalized URLS,  that enhance your collaboration and productivity solution.