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Apptix SharePoint Forms

Forms are an extremely effective tool for gathering data. That’s why Apptix has made it easy to include Forms functionality into our cloud-based SharePoint solutions. These Forms are easy to design, easy to access from any location, and easy to integrate with Workflow functionality to create powerful business processes.

Why use Forms?

Using Forms with Apptix SharePoint solutions allows you to:

  • Capture information efficiently
  • Utilize easy design and publishing capabilities specifically created for use with SharePoint
  • Generate data for use in Workflows and other applications

Key Benefits

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Support for authenticated and anonymous forms
  • Access through all major mobile devices
  • Full integration with the SharePoint Fluent ribbon interface
  • Compatibility with Workflow functionality

Learn More

Contact us to discover how adding Forms to your SharePoint installation will benefit your business, or go to the Nintex Forms page to learn more about the advanced tool that enables this Apptix SharePoint solution. 

SharePoint Add Ons

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