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Apptix SharePoint Governance

Any process works better when the rules are clear and individuals understand their roles. This is also true for the use of SharePoint within an organization. Because SharePoint is so intuitive to use, people throughout your company will be able to create new sites and add and delete information easily causing sites to grow rapidly and become unwieldy. Control and monitor access and usage to ensure your Apptix SharePoint solution is helping, rather than hindering, your success.

Governance functionality allows you to:

  • Establish rules, protocol, policies, and responsibilities
  • Ensure that access and permissions are appropriately assigned
  • Determine how SharePoint will be used within your organization

Key Benefits

  • Controlled usage of SharePoint according to organizational guidelines
  • Reduced time IT staff spends correcting user errors
  • Well-defined site maintenance, such as schedules and assignments for SQL backup or deletion of unused pages
  • Insight into the usage of the site by the whole team

SharePoint Add Ons

Maximize SharePoint with add on services, including Web Parts, Active Directory Integration, AD Sync, SSL Encryption, and Personalized URLS,  that enhance your collaboration and productivity solution.