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Keeping the whole team on the same page, regardless of location

Apptix Sharepoint

Apptix SharePoint Project Management

Looking for a project management solution to control and present data and documentation, keep times on a deadline and in sync? Turn to SharePoint from Apptix. SharePoint offers different functions to stay-up-to date, despite differences in locations, time zones, expertise, or reporting needs, by keeping project information in a central location. From document version control to email alerts for team members, Apptix offers SharePoint solutions that keep your project on track and your colleagues on the same page.

Using SharePoint for Project Management, you can:

  • Build a Project Management Information System (PMIS) customized to your project
  • Track project schedules, control changes, and mange project risk
  • Post and assign tasks to individual team members or whole teams
  • Monitor potential issues and have up-to-date access for project reports
  • Post announcements, track document revisions, and report milestones
  • Discuss the project, tasks, and other related projects, all online

Key Benefits

  • Easy version tracking for project documentation
  • Contact lists for contacting team members, resources, and stakeholders
  • Support for auto-emailed alerts for task, meeting, and milestone reminders
  • Defined access permissions for everyone involved in the project
  • Automatic and on-demand project reporting
  • Integration with project management supporting tools such as Microsoft Project

SharePoint Add Ons

Maximize SharePoint with add on services, including Web Parts, Active Directory Integration, AD Sync, SSL Encryption, and Personalized URLS,  that enhance your collaboration and productivity solution.