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Building intranet and extranet sites to keep info easily available

Apptix Sharepoint

Apptix SharePoint Website Hosting

Managing multiple platforms to develop and maintain internal or external sites is costly and an inefficient use of your valuable time. SharePoint from Apptix is an ideal solution for deploying and managing internal or external business websites. Secure and easy to use, it is an ideal solution for deploying an Intranet for internal use or an Extranet for your customers or partners to use to access vital information. The familiar user interface makes ramp-up and training easy for anyone who has used Microsoft Office applications. SharePoint facilitates communication, document sharing, and schedule management to make collaboration easy.


  • Easily create a centralized platform for company information
  • Make sure employees always have access to the most updated policy documents, project plans, and contact lists
  • Provide workspaces for departments, task forces, or project teams


  • Provide updated corporate information to customers, vendors, and partners
  • Use as an interactive communication channel for stakeholders to provide feedback and requirements
  • Integrate with other line-of-business systems for a robust business solution
  • Control access to data with customizable login and external authentication for a secure environment

SharePoint Add Ons

Maximize SharePoint with add on services, including Web Parts, Active Directory Integration, AD Sync, SSL Encryption, and Personalized URLS,  that enhance your collaboration and productivity solution.