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Apptix Sharepoint

Business SharePoint Solutions

As the premier provider of hosted business communication, collaboration, and IT solutions to business of all sizes, Apptix’s wide range of expertise and solutions expand beyond our SharePoint offerings. All Apptix services are backed by award-winning customer service and the most aggressive uptime guarantees on the market.
Professional Services – You can rely on our experience and our expertise as you move to the cloud, from the planning and design of your hosted services to migrating your data, training your personnel, and optimizing your processes.
Microsoft SharePoint Solutions – We offer multi-tenant Hosted implementations as well as deployment from a Dedicated Environment, with flexible packages and feature sets that enable collaboration, data sharing, and automated business processes, accessible from any location.
Microsoft Exchange Email – Apptix is the leading provider of hosted Microsoft Exchange email, the number one business email package. We provide professional, reliable business mail services that keep you connected to your business, anywhere.
Hosted Business Voice – Our Voice-over-IP phone service is a feature-rich, economical way to connect you with your customers, vendors, partners, and colleagues with technologically-advanced telephony. 
Email Archiving – Protect your business, maintain your compliance, and save money on storage with Apptix’s full range of Archiving solutions.
Email Encryption – Your email communications need to be secure in transit and at rest. You and your customers can rely on our Email Encryption solutions to ensure privacy and security.
Desktop Backup – Make sure that your precious business data is protected with Desktop Backup services provided through the Cloud.
Secure IM – We give you the convenience of instant messaging with privacy and safety you can’t get with public IM services.
Web Conferencing – Collaborate more effectively without the cost of travel with online meeting functionality.
Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus – Our Email services are fully protected through our partnership with SymantecCloud.
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